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Pongos work has been featured in numerous and published in the Guardian UK, CNN, National Geographic and in several other magazines and publications. He was chosen as one of PDNs 30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch in 2016. His work is also part of institutional and private collections.
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In 1981, the Gilman Paper Company bought him an offset printer to install in his home in Newport, R.I, with which he was able to reproduce 200 of the historic photographs in the companys collection, by photographers including Matthew Brady, Alfred Steiglitz and Robert Frank.
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On the most basic level, photographers use cameras to capture images. However, there are various types of photography, including scientific and aerial photography, and photographers may work in a variety of settings, ranging from photographic studios to newspaper publishing companies.
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Most photographers that are serious about their craft will also have a home office or studio that will include a place to work on digital or physical photographs for the purpose of development and/or editing work. How To Become A Photographer.
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Submit to assignments and get feedback from our photo editors. From the Archives. Look through a curated collection of historical photos from our archives on National Geographic's' Found Tumblr. Check out the latest work from National Geographic photographers and visual storytellers around the world.
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This is a list of notable photographers. abs Abstract photographer adv Advertising photographer aer Aerial photographer arch Architectural photographer art Art photographer astro Astrophotographer celeb Celebrity photographer dig Digital photography. doc Documentary photographer ethno Ethnographic photographer exp Experimental photography fash Fashion photographer food Food photographer glam Glamour photography inds Industrial photographer int Interiors photographer jour Photojournalist.
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Johnston was a constant advocate for the role of women in the new art of photography, writing What" a Woman Can Do With a Camera" for the Ladies Home Journal in 1897 and co-curating an exhibition of women photographers at the 1900 Exposition Universelle.
These Photographers Captured the Rebellious Youth of the 80s.
Stay up to date with Artsy Editorial. These 8 Photographers Captured the Youth Culture of the 90s These Photographers Captured the Youth Culture of the Early 2000s Jamel Shabazz on Capturing 25 Years of Harlem Style. Further Reading in Visual Culture.

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